Custom French-Style Doors

Anasazi Architectural Door provides high-quality, exquisite French-style doors of all types in Arizona. We have many locations throughout Arizona and have been providing custom doors for our customers for over 20 years. We have a highly skilled and dedicated team committed to providing the best quality and customer service you can find anywhere.

French Doors Exterior

Anasazi Architectural Door provides custom-made and unique French door exteriors that add style and elegance to the exterior view of your home. Those who pass by will note your French door exterior’s exquisite design and construction.

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French Closet Doors

Our French closet doors provide a sense of elegance and prestige to your interior space. These doors have two hinges that allow them to swing open and close, while their glass panels enable light to pass through them. They serve very well as closet doors because they add a sense of openness between the main room and the closet, plus enable you to see within the closet without opening it.

Interior French Doors

Anasazi Architectural Door is a French door supplier with an experienced and skilled team to create exquisite interior French doors. These doors are custom-made according to your style preferences. The double hinges enable them to swing open and close while adding a sense of openness between the two rooms they connect.
Interior Doors
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Sliding French Doors

Our sliding French doors add a sense of style and prestige to your home that will be noticed by people passing by. Their glass panels enable light to shine through from the outside, allowing easy access to your patio and yard.

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