What Services Does Anasazi Door Provide?
We specialize in exterior and interior doors, as well as, barn doors and outdoor gates for your home or business. Everything from contractor-grade to custom design-built doors and millwork. We pride ourselves in the design, building, sourcing, refinishing, installation, and consultation of all our projects.

What Is The Process for Ordering A Custom Door From Anasazi Door?
Please contact us and we can walk you through the process! Everything from contractor-grade to custom design-built doors and millwork. We specialize in design, building, sourcing, refinishing, installation, and consultation.

What Types Of Payment Does Anasazi Door Accept?
We accept all major credit cards, cash or check.
Does Anasazi Door Offer Installation Services?
Yes, we do offer installation services! We have a dedicated team ready to assist with your specific needs.
What Areas Does Anasazi Door Serve?
Nationwide shipping available; Arizona clients are able to receive onsite services such as installation and consultation.
How Long Does It Take To Install A Door?
We typically advise customers to expect 6-8 hours for installation but this can vary depending on the size and scope of the project.
Do You Provide Warranties For Your Products and Services?
Yes, we do! Please ask your sales associate for our warranty letter and any other questions you may have.

How Much Do Custom Door Services Cost?
Every custom project has its own unique process with varying details such as materials, size, finish, hardware, etc. Please contact us or visit our showroom to receive a project-specific quote.

Does Anasazi Door Offer Custom Door Sizes?
Yes! Custom heights, widths, and thicknesses of all sizes can be made to your required specifications.
Where Can I Find Barn Doors for Sale In Scottsdale?
Right here at Anasazi Door! However, we also partner with other local vendors and suppliers to offer the finest products in the Valley.
Are The Barn Doors Pre-Made or Customizable?
Anasazi Door can source pre-manufactured doors to meet any budget OR we can custom build one in any shape, size, or design.

What Materials Are Used to Make Barn Doors?

Any wood species desired from domestic or exotic locations. Walnut, Alder, White Oak, Mahogany, Maple, Poplar, etc… The list is endless!

Can I Choose The Finish or Color Of The Barn Door?

We have a large selection of stock colors and we also have color matching capabilities.

Do Barn Doors Come with Hardware Included?
Any hardware needed to complete your project can be sourced through Anasazi Door. We have a showroom with an array of choices on display.
What Are The Standard Sizes for Barn Doors?
Barn doors can typically be found in any size. If we are unable to find the size or style you are looking for, we can create a custom design specific to your wishes.

Are Barn Doors Suitable for Both Interior And Exterior Use?
Barn doors are often used as an interior application, however, please contact us today to speak with an expert about other options and possibilities!

Are Barn Doors Easy to Install, Or Do I Need Professional Help?
Anasazi Door has a dedicated and specialized installation team willing to provide you with the best of service and professionalism.

Do Barn Doors Require Special Maintenance Or Cleaning?
Barn doors, like all doors, require an occasional maintenance program. Depending on the amount of use and exposure, this can be as simple as wiping down with soft cleaners to minor adjustments as the wood and hardware settle over time.

Are Barn Doors Safe and Secure?
Anasazi Door utilizes soft open/close hardware that prevents accidental slamming and keeps those little fingers and wagging tails safe from harm.

What Is The Warranty Or Return Policy for Barn Doors?
Anasazi Door offers a 1-year warranty on all our doors and service. ***Restrictions apply***

What Types of Barn Doors Are Available for Purchase in Scottsdale?
Stain-Grade and Paint-Grade Barn Doors are available for purchase from Anasazi Door.